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Applying For A Driver’s License Online

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If you want to acquire a driving license for your vehicle in the UK, you can do so by sending in the application form or registering online through their website and making an application for a brand new driver’s license. Before you can drive a car, you need to obtain a valid driver’s license. You could make an application for that online as well. You could apply for a provisional driving license once you turn seventeen. You are eligible after that age.

Minimum Introductory Requirements

Once you are seventeen, you can drive a car. In order to get a driver’s license, you have to be a permanent resident of Great Britain. You also have to meet the minimum age requirement and minimum eyesight requirements. If you have glasses or prefer contact lenses, you must wear them while driving. This is a must, as it will help you see clearly and drive better. It takes only 50 pounds to get a provisional driving license. You could also apply online at https://www.gov.uk and surf to this page at https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/driving-licences. Applying for a driver’s license through an online website is faster and cheaper, than any postal application. If you are able to receive the right rate of mobility component of the PIP or also known as the personal insurance payment, you are eligible to drive at the age of 16.

Cost And Other Accessories For Provisional Driving License

If you are applying for your driver’s license online, then the provisional license will be 34 pounds. Whereas the postal application would cost you 43 pounds, this is higher than applying online. Then why would one choose when you have another option that is faster and cheaper as well. Once you pass your practical driving test. Thus your provisional license will convert to an actual driver’s license that would also be free of charge. All your British photo card driving license and provisional license can be renewed every ten years. It can be renewed after every ten years.

You would need a UK passport that is valid and current (not an expired one). It should not be more than 5 years older and must have a UK passport number on various applications that will help you confirm the ID. You could also track your license status online. Book your theory test as well; the sooner, the better it is. Through this, you will be receiving the provisional license.

Follow The Official Website – Beware Of Fake Websites

One must avoid misleading websites online and instead use the official Gov.uk website to apply online for a driving license. Be careful in choosing fake websites. Rather use the official website to apply for an online application. Stay away from any DVLA driver’s license sites that offer you driver’s license in lieu of money. Such sites are probably unaffiliated to DVLA. Such fake websites could charge their clients a lot more.

Beware of any such scams. You can learn the rest of the rules of application and also find online forms at the official website.

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Replacing A Damaged Or Lost MOT Certificate

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The MOT certification is provided to you if your vehicle has passed all the tests during the driving test session. The certificate implies that the vehicle is in proper condition during the test that the vehicles undergo.

If you have somehow lost the MOT certificate or it has got damaged, you can apply for the test to any DVA Centre for a copy of the Certificate by approaching for step 5 of vehicle registration and test. On the other hand, the customer care also can be contacted at for further help.


The Requirement For An MOT Certificate

It’s for the most part an offense to utilize a vehicle that has not passed the test recently or even the vehicles that have faced such an incident:

  • Taking it to a test place for a test booked ahead of time
  • Bringing it far from a test center after it has fizzled the test, to a position of repair
  • Taking it to or bringing it far from a spot where, by past game plan, repairs are to be made or have been made to alter the flaws that brought about the vehicle to fall flat its test

Apart from the above-mentioned points, even the vehicle that is not having proper controls after a few years is not held legitimate to be used. Hence, it is important to go for a proper vehicle check up and servicing from time to time.

New-Style Of  Vehicle Test Certificate

There is no more a prerequisite to show a vehicle test Certificate on the windscreen of your vehicle.

As per another style an A4 size, plain paper, vehicle test Certificate will be issued taking after the examination of your vehicle.

This change came to an impact on 6 April 2015 and is applied to all vehicles such as, including autos, cruisers, products vehicles or transports.

Drivers are thus expected to renew their MOT certification at the earliest so that they do not face any coincidences.

Why This Is So Important?

If you have a vehicle, and you wish to use it, it is necessary to have an MOT certificate for you. Also along with this, whenever you receive an update notification for the certificate, you should go urgently go for the annual test.

If there are some months remaining for the certification to get expired, you can either wait for those months or even go to get the latest updated certification.

At The Point When Purchasing A Vehicle

When you purchase a vehicle, ensure that you should have the new vehicle test Certificate; else you should apply for a copy at the expense of £10.00.

A test certificate is provided to ensure a number of points about the vehicle such as those mentioned here.

  • evidence of its condition at some other time
  • evidence of the general mechanical state of the vehicle
  • evidence that the vehicle completely consents to all parts of the law on vehicle development and use

In the case of any type of issues or problems in applying for the certificate, you can contact DVLA customer care.

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Why You Shouldn’t Drive A Vehicle Without A Driving License In The UK

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Driving without a valid license can lead to a penalty of 3 to 6 points and fine charges of around 1000 pounds. Even the courts might issue a ban on you from driving, thus refraining you from getting a driver’s license. You may have to serve the ban for a certain period of time. If they ever catch you without a driver’s license due to an accident that caused earlier, you have to actually pay the damages to the third party. On top of that, the police can also impound your car and then even scrap your vehicle if you cannot provide your insurance proof within 14 days of scraping your car.

Why You Should Have A Valid Driver License

If you are driving without a driver’s license, that will invalidate any form of insurance that you might be having. This means you are not insured as the cops can also tow your car. If you are ever meeting with an accident, they will find out your whole driving history. They can also find out with their Automatic Number Plate Recognition equipment that will eventually tell you immediately if your car is uninsured. This could cause major problems in the future. Say you receive the license and by passing the test. The insurance on this car will prove to be much higher due to those earlier dues that need to be settled.


Various Driver Licensing Violations

Here are some of the ways by which, a motorist could violate their driver’s license. This could lead to heavy fines, jail time or even worse situations that you may want to avoid. Thus take precautions.

  • You have not been able to apply for a state-issued driver’s license with the stipulated amount of time
  • You have a driver’s license, but it is expired. This may also cause some problems.
  • Temporarily suspended licenses do not give you the authority to drive on the roads.
  • If you have been driving with a license that might have been permanently revoked, that also refrains you from driving freely on the roads.
  • If you are not able to show any evidence of your valid car license while driving, this could be troublesome as well.

Penalties That May Be Imposed Is You Are Driving Without A License

Here are some of the penalties that you may face if you drive without a driver’s license. You have to be able to provide them with your driver’s license if asked for by a police officer there are correctable offenses and willful violations. You may have laws for various different states. Driving on a suspended license or a revoked one is a serious matter. This may embark penalties on you and your car. If you were driving under the influence of alcohol, your license could be seized.

There are also laws on the roads in the UK to keep away dangerous drivers from driving on roads. There are correctable offenses that lead to typical fines and penalties.

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